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Lobster Dinners
Different Varieties
Plantation Dining


St. Kitts offers a variety of dining experiences. Within Frigate Bay you can choose from many nearby restaurants both upscale and local beach bar and grills: Ciao, Shiggidy Shack, Marshalls, Cathy’s, Jam Rock, Patsy’s and Buddies are just a few to choose from.

Take a short drive into Basseterre and choose from a variety of restaurants that range from local to upscale that include: Ballahoo, Lemongrass - an Asian Fusion Restaurant, Serendipity, Sweet Cane, Ocean Terrace Inn, plus others. St. Kitts is also noted for Ottley’s Plantation, an elegant plantation house on the Island offering lunch and dinner. Travel to the Southeast Peninsula and stop at South Friar’s Beach and visit ShipWreck or Carambola. Continue further towards the Southeast Peninsula and you will end at Cockleshell where you will find Spice Mill, Reggae Beach Bar and Lion’s.